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The Cambiare 325 has everything you need for an optimal experience and access in Hauptwerk. Two large touchscreens - with very high touch sensitivity - give you access to all functionalities that the Hauptwerk software offers. You can easily play and operate the organ of your favorite church at home. Whatever choice you make from the hundreds of different church organs, the Cambiare 325 has it all!

The quality of the audio system guarantees reproduction at a high-end level, including multi-channel sound reproduction and surround. That ensures an unique sound experience!

The Cambiare 325 is available in various oak colours, with various keyboard options and options such as an organ bench in French style.

  • 3 Manuals
  • Touch sensitive keyboards
  • Ultimate sound experience by own soundprotocol
  • Easy switching between sample sets
  • Modern design
  • Multifunctional audiosystem
  • 2x 17" touchscreens high resolution
  • Audio system modular expandable
  • New updates easy to implement in existing console
  • Ability support and installation new sample sets via internet connection
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