• Baldwin

    The Baldwin Piano Company is an icon, and a true American classic. Since 1857, the company has been building pianos with a distinctive tone all their own, the result of many years of innovation, with steadfast adherence to D. H. Baldwin's initial … [Continue Reading]

  • Seiler

    Impeccable German engineering; the name to which all others are compared. A culmination of over 160 years of artistic innovation, resulting in an instrument of uncommon finesse and musical brilliance, handcrafted to this day in Kitzingen, … [Continue Reading]

  • Roland

    In an industry with great competition, Roland has continued to stand at the forefront of innovation in the digital music world. It is no surprise, then, that since 1984 we have carried Roland as our signature digital piano brand. The Roland company … [Continue Reading]

  • Rodgers

    Having been in the business since 1958, the Rodgers Instrument Corporation has become the worldwide authority on digital pipe-sampled sound in the organ market. When a church or institution begins the search for a new organ, the list is not complete … [Continue Reading]

  • Viscount

    The Viscount International company of today is the rich culmination of over two centuries of one family's dedication toward musical excellence. The Viscount name was registered in 1969 by Marcello Galanti, but the company was established in the late … [Continue Reading]



Our large selection of over 150 instruments ensures whether you're looking for your very first budget piano, or ready to trade up to something a bit nicer, that we have the perfect one.

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Of all the arts, music is one of the most accessible and beneficial for students to engage in. The myriad of psychological and mental facilities it has a role in developing ensure greater potential for success and happiness later on in life than those who do not experience music.

Through partnerships with some of the leading suppliers of classroom music education, we have the ability to outfit schools with the instruments and technology to make music something that all can enjoy.

The Power of Music

As an profession, a hobby, or just a way to relax, music is something that stays with you for a lifetime. Bringing music into your life, or the lives of loved ones has benefits for every age.

Starting at an early age, children who are involved in music consistently score higher on test scores, manage stress better, and develop skills that will help them excel throughout life. For children, music teaches three important things: confidence, concentration, and coordination.

For busy adults, music can serve many positive purposes, promoting relaxation and assisting with stress management. Playing music has been proven through studies to reverse stress at the molecular level. It also provides the opportunity to strengthen cognitive passageways in the brain.

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We offer instruments that inspire the performer, specially selected from esteemed builders from America, Germany, Italy, and all over the rest of the world. All of these instruments are passed on to the customer with our guarantee of satisfaction, and the best possible playing experience.


To us, customer satisfaction, support, and tending to the ongoing relationship we have with each and every customer are of utmost importance.