Full Piano and Organ Moving Services

Need a piano moved? Whether you are moving, purchasing a piano from a private party, or even disposing of an unwanted piano, we offer professional moving services. We have moved everything from concert grands to small spinets, Large church organs to Hammond B3s, and even the occasional antique square grand! We have brought pianos up to 3rd floors and down to basements. No matter the move, we can make it happen! 

We have moved hundreds of pianos and organs to and from churches, homes, apartment buildings, and all over the tri-state area. We can deliver as far as Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, and anywhere in between. If you see us on the road, give us a wave! 

We've heard all the horror stories of a priceless piano being moved by "a few buddies", and we've witnessed the aftermath of this several times! We have all the knowledge and equipment to make sure your instrument gets moved properly. 

To get a quote for a move, give us a call at 618-942-5115, or use the "Contact Us" form on our website. We will need the following information:

  • Address piano/organ is being picked up from
  • Address piano/organ is being moved to
  • Type of piano (baby grand, concert grand, spinet, tall upright, etc)
  • Number of stairs 
  • Contact information