Move My Piano

Over the years, we have been saddened by the horror stories from customers of having pianos and organs moved by family members, those "really strong friends," and even professional furniture movers. Here at Baldwin, we've been helping customers professionally relocate their instruments not only locally, but around the world, since 1937. Properly moving a large instrument like this is no easy task and requires adequate preparation and transportation on our part. Therefore, pricing varies depending on size/type of instrument, total miles driven to and from each location, and labor coverage for our movers. When you contact us about moving an instrument, please have the following information ready:


*Phone Number

*Type of instrument (grand piano, vertical piano, home organ, etc.)

*Address where instrument currently is

*Address where instrument will be taken

*Number of steps at each location (front/back porch steps? in a basement? upstairs? etc.)


Remember, having an instrument moved professionally might be costly, but in the end, so is having it moved incorrectly! You won't regret having the most prized piece of furniture in your house moved by staff who knows what they're doing.

Please contact our store at (618) 942-5115 or email us at [email protected] to receive more information about moving your instrument. We hope to hear from you soon!