Mason and Hamlin AA (as-is)

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This is a Mason & Hamlin AA grand piano, one of the finest grand pianos ever built. This particular example unfortunately sat in a window for decades, and as a result of the sun damage much of the finish has turned green. This piano would be an excellent candidate for restoration.

As it sits, it is playable with the exception of a few keys. However, at the minimum it needs to be refinished, voiced, regulated, and of course tuned. It would greatly benefit from new bass strings. The hinge for the lid prop was replaced with a standard household hinge at some point. We believe the pinblock area was spray painted gold, which means the serial number was painted over. Because of this, we are not sure what year it was built. It looks like there are some significant cracks in the soundboard. This is a piano that is begging to be restored!

It is hard to describe this instrument in a few paragraphs. We are a Mason and Hamlin dealer and have several M&H pianos from various eras, and they are all exquisite instruments. Unfortunately, we do not have the time to rebuild this one and would love to see it go to someone who can. The price is negotiable. 

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